Mentee Application

Download the Mentee Application here

The following may participate as mentees:

  1. Licensed, active Colorado lawyers, who are either practicing or intending to practice law in Colorado. Preference will be given to lawyers, who are within their first three years following admission to practice law in Colorado and in that case the program must be completed prior to the end of the attorney’s third year of practice.
  2. If a lawyer serves as a judicial law clerk immediately following licensure, the lawyer may participate in a Mentoring Program within two years of completing the clerkship(s). A lawyer serving as a judicial law clerk is not precluded from participating in a Mentoring Program while a judicial law clerk, although due to ethical restrictions, the law clerk’s Mentor must be a judge on the same court as the law clerk’s judge.
  3. Lawyers admitted on motion to the Colorado Bar who have been in practice three or more years in another jurisdiction may participate in a mentoring program in the attorney’s first year of practice in Colorado.
  4. Lawyers not otherwise within the parameters above may be admitted to a mentoring program with permission of the participating organization and of the CAMP Director.

A Mentee may participate in the Colorado Mentoring only once.

The Mentor Program is a professional relationship. It does not contemplate and is not intended to create a formal association or attorney-client or work product relationship between the Mentee and the Mentor. Similarly, for Mentors and Mentees not of the same law firm or office, the Mentor Program does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee’s clients; Mentees must ultimately exercise their own independent professional judgment on behalf of their clients.

To obtain 15 CLE credits (including 2 ethics credits), Mentors and Mentees must successfully complete this program, which requires a commitment of approximately 16 to 20 hours per year (1 ½ hours per month). (There is also a 6-month mentoring program available for mentoring lawyers new to Colorado but in practice three or more years. Participation in this program earns 7 CLE credits, including 1 ethics credit.)

You participate in the Mentoring Program through a Participating Organization (e.g. a bar association or other group that has been approved as a Participating Organization). Your Participating Organization will assist you with matching to a mentor and with completing the requisite activities, including through the use of a Mentoring Plan prepared by the Participating Organization.

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