Making Mentors and Mentees Effective at Mentoring

A large part of every mentoring relationship, whether formal or informal, involves experiencing things together and talking about lawyering. CAMP has compiled a Compendium of Mentoring Activities and Discussion Topics to provide mentors and mentees some ideas to build their relationship. The activities and topics are divided into the following areas: 1) The Practice of Law – An Overview; 2) Ethics in Practice; 3) Professionalism and Civility; 4) Diversity and Inclusion; and 5) Wellness and Work/Life Balance.

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The Practice of Law – An Overview
A. Introduction to Bar Association and Networking
B. Introduction to the Courthouse
C. Responsibility to Improve the Administration of Justice, Pro Bono Service, Access to Justice, and Civic Involvement
D. Law Office Management
E. Time Management
F. Client Communication
G. Managing Client Expectations and Legal Counseling
H. Alternative Dispute Resolution

I. ADR Observation and Discussion

Ethics in Practice
A. Client Confidentiality
B. Conflicts of Interest

C. Office Working Relationships
D. How to Involve Clients in their Case
E. Discovery
F. Negotiations

G. Common Malpractice and Grievance Traps
H. Dealing with Others On Behalf of Your Client
I. Unethical and Unprofessional Misconduct by Another Lawyer
J. Grievance Process and Disciplinary Investigation

Professionalism and Civility
A. Issues of Incivility in Legal Profession
B. Professional Conduct Duties of the Lawyer to the Client and to the Administration of Justice

C. Strategies for Managing Incivility
D. Dealing with Difficult Clients

Diversity and Inclusion
A. Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession
B. Diversity and Inclusion: Definitions and Personal Actions

Wellness and Work/Life Balance
A. Career Paths
B. Career Objectives
C. Balance between Career and Personal Life
D. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

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